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Attorney Gregory P. Lee

Gregory P. LeeIn conflict, a good attorney educates and advises you.  He gathers information from you and from the opposing party.  He formulates a strategy to get a fair result.  He seeks the best available solution for your situation — negotiating when possible, fighting in court when necessary.

A good attorney also educates and advises you in organizational and business matters.  He gathers information from you and finds solutions that fit your needs and protect your assets.  He makes sure that you are in a position to do your best, without worrying about the worst.Mr. Lee devotes part of his practice to clients who are financially stressed by providing reduced fees on a sliding scale.

Gregory Lee is an attorney with over 20 years of experience.  He  concentrates in family law and  civil litigation.  His practice includes contested, uncontested, and mediated divorces, as well as related matters.  He also handles education issues and other matters that place families under stress.  Mr. Lee’s well-rounded practice includes business matters and other general practice.

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